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10 x 5″ DD Elliptical Joey

After trying the Coiltek DD 10 x 5″ elliptical Joey coil at an old ruin with great results, I decided to try some of those trashy high traffic areas around the club rooms at a local football oval and some local netball/tennis courts. Surprise, surprise, the football oval was no different than most with a multitude of pull tabs, screw tops and bits of squashed up foil littered everywhere making it very difficult to detect successfully.

This time because I was aiming for targets that wouldn’t be too deep I changed my settings from audio response long to normal as this would give the targets a really short sharp crisp sound making them unmistakable. I knew that the going would be tough but I really wanted to see what I could pull from amongst the screw caps which often can sound like a one or two dollar coins. As you can see from the picture there were a quite a few coins amongst the trash and after about an hour and a half of pretty slow going I moved to the hill by the score board where there was a lot less rubbish. The Joey was really effective on the shallower coins up to around four inches as I quickly managed just over $25 in decimal coins, fuel money is always a bonus with this great hobby. I am really liking this great little coil so far! Next to try the netball/tennis courts.

I had a couple of spots in mind but I decided on the hardest one to detect because of the high mineralized soil and trash everywhere. This spot has always produced something whenever I go back, with a good chance of scoring some pre decimal coins as well. The whole park where the courts are has produced over 50 silver coins, some pennies and half pennies with the majority being post 1946; these have only 50% silver content and don’t sound quite as good as their higher silver content pre 1945 silvers.

There are usually a considerable amount of brown buggers (1 & 2 cent copper coins) around to annoy you, but hey that’s where you will find pre decimals coins. Again the Coiltek DD 10 x 5″ elliptical Joey coil worked an absolute treat with about another 50 coins to the tally including a really good condition 1935 three pence and a 1952 shilling that had seen better days, the penny was about 6 inches deep. So far so good but how was the E-TRAC and the Joey going to handle my last test, a park that seems to have been used as a dump at some point in the past.


This park has always intrigued me as to what may come out of the ground next, with a mix of some really cool old relics, some from the late 1800’s. There are very few coins at this site and most of what I have found here has been deep. Could the Joey hit the bigger targets at depth was my question and the answer was, yes with no problem.

First out of the ground was a 4 oz. weight from around 6 inches followed by a saddle buckle from approx. 7 inches. Now I wasn’t surprised because these things really scream like a banshee when you run a coil over them and even the small Joey didn’t really struggle at all. There was only one coin to be had but it was a penny, a 1923 dog registration tag, the large back of a fob watch, a neat old key and some other big relics that all came from depth. After testing the Coiltek DD 10 x 5″ Joey coil coupled up with the E-TRAC in some areas that I class as extremely hard conditions, I was quietly surprised as to how well it worked and stood up to everything I threw at it, but It especially impressed me with its ability on those deep large relics.

By Mark Williams