15″ NOX goes deeper

Paul Wilson (UK) has been incredibly successful detecting with his trusty Coiltek 15” coil. He has been lucky enough to unearth multiple Roman coins, silver pennies and groats. Read on to hear of his adventures and finds. 

“I purchased the 15” NOX coil with the hope to get a bit deeper on some of my permissions. My local permission has produced ancient finds in the past, and I wanted to give it a try.

Straight away, from the word go the 15” NOX was finding what I was hoping for. I was so surprised at how stable and sensitive it is for such a big coil.

My first day was just a normal day, digging up bits of scrap lead and buttons.

Then I got a really loud signal, reading 14 on the Equinox. It was about 7’’ deep, I dug it out thinking it might be a hammered coin.

I realised straight away it was something more special, due to the thickness of the coin.

And below is what unfolded.

My next find was at the same location. I got a solid mid tone, reading 13 on the Equinox 800. It was about 10’’ deep loud and clear.

I dug down to the target where I saw the edge of a thick silver coin, and this is what come out. A Severus Alexander Denarius & Aeqvitas Avg. holding scale and cornucopia.

The next target I got was a high tone reading 19-20 it was also about 12’’ deep. It was a lovely Queen Victoria silver three pence!

What a day I had!

On another occasion, I was invited on a club dig in North Yorkshire.

We had a few stubble fields to go at. So I was wanting to get as deep as I possibly could on the day, so I opted for the 15’’ NOX coil.

My first two finds came in quick succession, reading 12 on the Equinox. I found an Elizabeth 1st groat and Edward 1st silver penny

Then after about an hour of nothing but lead and bits of shredded up aluminium. I got a loud signal reading 7 on the Equinox. This is what I unearthed! Edward III Half Penny and Long Cross

If I wasn’t having a good day already, I then got another signal, reading 11 and this is what I pulled out from around 7’’.

CONSTANTINVSIVNNOBC Constantinus Iunior Nobilissimus Caesar and CONS GLORI AEXER CITVS Gloria Exercitus

The 15” NOX really doesn’t miss anything! It’s so sensitive for such a big coil.

I just wish I’d got one sooner. Thank you for such a fantastic product.”

-Paul Wilson (UK)