27 gold nuggets found with GOLDHAWK

Here are a few pictures of finds using the 10×5” elliptical and 9” round Goldhawk coils.

I had one of my field staff with me, who used the 9” round and found 8 nuggets! Whereas I used the 10×5” elliptical and scored 19 pieces!

I also found the smallest nugget I have ever dug with the 10×5” elliptical on the GPX-6000.

The area we worked has been hunted over for a year with the GPX-6000 and its stock coil.

My field staff was pretty surprised at our success, as his last trip with the GPX-6000 in the same area with the stock coil, unfortunately, resulted in nothing found.

We are both quite impressed.

— Gerry McMullen, USA