A Fairytale Find

With a hot summer’s day forecast and the need to get out for a swing with my recently purchased Coiltek 11” Gold Extreme coil, my girlfriend and I got up before dawn to hit our patch in the Victorian GT.

About an hour in and so far just filling my pockets with lead shot, I heard the familiar screech of what I thought was most likely some scrap metal on the surface. I shifted the leaves and sticks with my boot and ran the coil over the ground…yep, still screaming! The soil appeared loose, so I thought to myself probably just a beer can, but I grabbed my pick and scratched a layer away. Running the coil over the ground again, I discovered that the target was out. I began reducing the soil using my plastic scoop and started thinking maybe it is a nice piece of gold…and then I spotted it…shining back at me was a suspiciously new looking gold ring. I lifted the ring out of the scoop and looked up at my girlfriend who was eagerly watching on. She had a massive grin on her face and I said, “Did you put this here?” She said, “Will you marry me?” The excitement was overwhelming and as I slipped the ring onto my finger I yelled back, “Oh my God, yes! One thousand times yes!”

I then went on to find a nice little nuggy just 3 feet from where my now fiancé had hidden the ring. A nice little souvenir from the special day. So there you have it folks, upgrading the sdc coil to a Coiltek Gold Extreme really can change your life. My 11” Coiltek coil found me my wife.

 – Roanna