Cameronians Scottish Rifles Badge

A Historical Find

It was Christmas Eve and I had only recently fitted the Coiltek 10×5” to my CTX. I was doing a solo hunt. I was actually wading in shallow water on a known farm and WWII campsite, which is mostly submerged by local dam waters.

It was early in the hunt when I got a fabulous signal and quickly used my mud scoop to retrieve the target in less than 30cm of water plus a shallow buried target. At first, I could say it was large brass/copper cap badge which I didn’t recognise. I rang home and described it to my partner. She Googled the description: a large laurel wreath with a traditional horn bugle and a large star in the centre.

This turned out to be a Scottish Cameroonian regimental badge. I mean WHAT THE?! How did something this end up in Australia?
Coupled with an outstanding history, the only way would have been Australian digger/solider serving in Palestine in 1941, and the Cameroonian Rifles were in action in Syria, and they traded badges. Maybe. Then when the Australian returned here in 1942 to be retrained in this area, did the Digger eventually cast the badge aside?

But it sure did inspire me to believe in the Christmas elves. Put shivers through me for months whenever I shared the story!
And thanks to Coiltek, as this was a heavily fossicked site! I now use the Equinox equally between the CTX, and a Coiltek I believe would seriously enhance the Equinox 800 even further. After all, the CTX was a transformed machine with the Coiltek.