A mermaid fable

My wife and I went to Nantucket Island for a few days’ vacation this year. While she was sunning herself I was busy scouring the beach with my new Coiltek 15″ NOX. I had purchased the 15″ to work with my Equinox 600 to cover deeper ground, taking my beach hunting to the next level.

While working just below the high tide mark I got a banging high tone. The item was deep and with other beachgoers looking on I pulled out a silver mermaid. She was very tarnished but still very beautiful.

A quick internet search showed me she was a pendant from the 1970’s.

Without the bigger 15″ NOX coil going deeper I don’t think I would have picked her up. I love the 15″ coil as I can cover so much ground and go deeper than before. I was worried about the added weight, but I really don’t even notice, I can swing for hours without issue.

I was torn between leaving the mermaid as is or cleaning/shining her up. I went the restore route and am very happy with how she came out – bright and shiny.

– John