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A True Legend

Growing up just out of Ararat I am lucky enough to know a few farmers and prospectors around the area and always wanted to get into prospecting, so a few years ago I brought a GPX4000 and a Coiltek Terra-cotta 14” Mono.

After asking around I was lucky enough to get permission to go detecting on a farm near Ararat. (Rocky point) So a mate (Dave) and I headed off for the day, after trying one spot we never had much luck so we moved on to another area. After 4+ hours and nothing but bullets we were thinking it might be time to move on, there was a lot of good deep targets still there so it had never been detected so we stayed on. Not long after staying I got a nice signal, so started digging and a 14” hole there was a 6 grammer sitting on the clay bottom… I was pumped and excited as it was the biggest bit I had found! The feeling was amazing.


After calming down we continued on and about 1/2 hour and few more bullets later another nice signal. I dug another foot hole and out popped a 4 grammer. It felt like I had won lotto..!

I couldn’t believe my luck. Dave found a couple of smaller bits that day but nothing like the old faithful 14” had pulled.

It was starting to get late so we packed up and camped the night at my parents place at Rhymney. Bon fire, beers, homemade ginger beers (few too many) and a BBQ. It was a great night.


The next day we headed back to the same spot. After a few hours detecting Dave found a piece using the GPX4500 and Coiltek 14” Elite Mono and then a couple of feet away there was another and another. I had a go close by and found 2 more pieces, they were all flat like corn flakes so it got the name the “corn flake patch”! We had to head off not long after that and never had a chance to get back there which I hopefully will soon because there will be more nuggets around that small area up for grabs.

The 14” Coiltek mono is still one of my favourite coils and I am surprised on its sensitivity too, the smallest bit is .005g at 1” down! It’s a True legend in the coil world.

Thanks, Zane