A very lucky find in a well walked area

After searching for gold on some private property for several hours for no result, I thought I would go to a well worked area on common land that I’ve always had a feeling would hold a decent sized nugget.

This area had given up many small nuggets up to 3g for me in the past, but old newspaper articles I’d read indicated that multiple ounce nuggets had been found in the area by the old alluvial miners many years ago.

I was using my trusty Coiltek 14” Elite Camo coil partnered with my GPX 4500, a combination that was ideal for the location, due to the fact I could pick up tiny pieces at depth or punch deeper for a larger target that other prospectors may have missed previously, or one of the larger nuggets I’d read about.

After another half hour of no return, I received a faint signal on the side of a mullock heap in some leaves that I must’ve walked over many times before. Another prospector had recently cleared a large area adjoining this thin layer of leaves. 

After scraping off the top layer of leaves and gravel, the signal grew stronger and I knew there was a decent target nearby. After digging for approximately one hour, I’d finally removed the target from its hole, although I tried not to get too excited as many old rusty pieces of old timers rubbish had let me down previously. The coil screamed as I waived it over the dirt pile once more and I looked in disbelief as I stared at a ball of clay with gold glimmering from the side. I picked up the chunk and smiled as I felt it’s weight, realising I’d finally joined the “Ounce club”. 15” deep, 62g.