Coiltek Blog - Beauty of a Nugget - 14" Mono Elite

Beauty of a Nugget

It was the Australia Day long weekend 2016, with a forecast of a beautiful 37 degrees but not hot enough for hubby and I to not go out detecting and for me to have a wander with my GPX 4500 and my Coiltek 14 Inch Mono Elite coil. I guard this combo with my life, reason being, because since I got this combo happening gold seemed to just be where ever I swung that coil. I do the bipping and hubby does the Aussie thing of having a few coldies while I dig some of the yellow stuff.

On this particular day I spent 6 hours wandering in the heat walking for miles and not getting many signals as there was hardly any tin etc. This never sways me as I just get more determined and as long as the hubby is relaxing on his well-earned days off and I’m doing what I love what could be better!

After 6 hours my husband tracked me down and said “C’mon hun, it’s really hot now and you have been walking for hours how about we head home”. A storm was brewing and my detector was pinging so I agreed but only if I do what I always do and that’s no matter what, I always swing right back to my car. He agreed and went and sat back at the car waiting for me. I could see him in the distance and I began the walk down to where he was, the flies were extra friendly and making me do the salute.


The storm was getting closer and this wasn’t doing my detector any favours but I kept on walking when suddenly something stopped me in my tracks. Between the approaching storm the heat and flies everything seemed alright after this mighty fine signal came to my ears.

I tried to pinpoint it as best I could then dug away some dirt, checked the hole, it was still in there as the noise was deafening me so I dug some more. I then thought I’d get on my hands and knees as I thought this is a big baby and I didn’t want to hit it, I dug out some more dirt and then after I’d dug well over a foot down I felt something heavy, real heavy, I looked in my hand and ‘Oh my Lord’ I had a beautiful 7.56 ounce piece of the best yellow stuff I’d ever found.


Adrenalin then took over and I started waving my hands jumping up and down trying to get my husband’s attention and it didn’t take long. Stop waving your arms he said someone could be in the bushes with a look of what the heck has she found on his face, but I didn’t care, I had what I dreamt of in my hand. After explaining everything we headed to the car and yes I detected all the way back. Once there we weighed the nugget, we admired it and after agreeing our legs now felt like jelly we decided that for ‘The Australia Day weekend’ this was just A Ruddy Beauty Nugget Mate.