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Coiltek Blog - Stone Hunter - 10x5” CTX coil
Latest Discoveries

Stone Hunter

Hello, my name is Bruce and I am addicted to metal detecting. I dug my first find in June of 2013 and have not put the detector down since then.

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Coiltek Blog - Lady Luck Lends A Hand - 14” Coiltek Elite

Lady Luck Lends a Hand

Last week two mates and I had the chance to test run the new Minelab Monster machine and also do some detecting. Bill had the monster, Peter had the SDC2300 and I had the 5000 with my trusty 14” Coiltek Elite.

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Coiltek Blog - Perseverance Is The Key - Goldhunting Tales
Latest Discoveries

Perseverance Is The Key

So all up in the previous 6 odd months I’d found about 10g of the good stuff with all of it in the last month. Now that may sound ok, but when you live in the Goldfields and generally spend a couple of days a week in the bush, the 5 barren months were enough to start some serious conversations with myself! I had just invested in the 18″ mono to compliment the 14″ Elite and was pretty happy with it since it had uncovered a 7g and 1.5g for me.

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Coiltek Blog - CTX 3030

Optimising Opportunities

Since the CTX 3030 detectors release it has most certainly proven to be the Rolls Royce of the coin and treasure detectors, providing excellent target retrieval abilities. The power in this unit has opened up more opportunities from land to sea in all regions of the globe.

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Coiltek Blog - Beginners Luck - Coiltek 14” Elite Mono

Beginners Luck

I recently found an undetected patch of good gold nuggets in the Victorian Golden Triangle. Right by a track that people have driven over for years. Yes there is a fair amount of trash around, but it just looked too good. A few junk pieces and my first piece was over one gram and not too deep. I have been back twice and am over the ounce mark with the biggest up until last week being 8.6 grams. When my brother who has never detected for gold before saw this he needed to book a flight from NZ and come out and join our Dad and detect the patch.

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Coiltek Blog - Good Luck Comes In Threes - Coiltek 14" Elite

Good Luck Comes in Threes

Deciding to take an extra-long weekend this Labour day, we headed off on Friday to one of our favourite spots within the Golden Triangle in Victoria. Giving the kids and extra day off school and kinder we left home at 5am to get a head start. Arriving at our destination and after setting up camp thick in the beautiful Vic bush, my partner was keen to go out and have a swing around the area. It was heating up, at this stage around 11 it was about 32 degrees and muggy.

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