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detectorist of the month
Detectorist of the month

Life’s golden for this detector-swinging domestic goddess

As a 54-year-old “domestic goddess who can swing a detector”, our latest Detectorist of the Month shares how she got into the swing of things after going out bush – and how she uses her gold finds to help others in need. Who or what inspired you to get into detecting?

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On target with impressive depth

Luke is a YouTube Content Creator & Recognised Minelab Detexpert & Coiltek Ambassador located in Australia. He explores and detects in fascinating old sites plus shares plenty of helpful metal detecting tips and tricks as he hunts! “Today I had the privilege of being able to test out and run

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Detectorist of the month

Unearthing history is all part of the retired life

A detectorist since 1975, Mal lives with his wife in a small village outside Oxford in the UK, surrounded by beautiful countryside steeped in history going back to the Iron Age. As our November Detectorist of the Month, Mal shares how he got into detecting – and some of his

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Unearthing 43 grams of gold with 9” GOLDHAWK!

Armed with the GPX 6000 and 9” GOLDHAWK coil, I set off to an old gold patch on a hillside I had worked years earlier with the GPX 4500. I was a bit naive in thinking I had done a fairly good job cleaning out the area before, and I

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Detectorist of the month September
Detectorist of the month

Life’s golden for “tradie lady” and her lorikeets

When 29 year-old “tradie lady” Hayley isn’t painting ceilings or building decks, she’s out prospecting for gold with her two rainbow lorikeets. As our October Detectorist of the Month, Hayley shares how she started detecting – and why she hasn’t missed a single weekend out in over two years! Who or

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Latest Discoveries Tara Quirk
Latest Discoveries

Tara finds first-ever nugget thanks to GOLDHAWK

I’ve never had much experience on a detector before. After getting a GPX6000 as a wedding anniversary gift, I was told to buy a 10×5” GOLDHAWK as the signal response was much greater. When I first put it on, it was so light for its size and looked heavy duty.

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