The Elite Range - Coiltek Quality Gold Prospecting Metal Detector Coils

Elite Series

The ELITE series utilise a new winding innovation which was engineered and produced by COILTEK. This new winding optimises the transmit and receive signals, therefore improving depth and sensitivity when compared to a standard wound similar sized coil of up to an extra 30%.

With a brand new camouflage look these coils give the detectorist smooth stable operation and no abnormal external interference issues. Utilising a high quality LITZ wire, the series perform smoother than any other standard coil on the market.

Any detector operator with a SD/GP/GPX machine could be missing out on Optimising Discovery if they are not swinging with the ELITE.

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“So impressed with my 14" Elite coil's sensitivity and response. I’ve had success with tiny little gold nuggets weighing less than 0.1g to the thumper I found at 618g.” - Tony

About the 17x11” Elite Coil