The 14 x 9" Elite Coil - Coiltek Quality Metal Detector Coils

14 x 9" Elite

This elliptical Elite coil is a perfect choice for all day use. Easily manoeuvred in tight situations with increased pin pointing ability. A highly sensitive, super quiet, extremely reliable coil. Certainly a prospectors favourite choice for an elliptical option.

Compatible with all Minelab SD/GP and GPX detectors.

Size: 348x225mm
Weight: 835g / 29.4oz
Configuration: ELITE Monoloop (MONO) coil

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“After a quick dig, out popped a nice little piece of 0.3grams, a great start for the new coil. Over the next hour, another three small bits were found, with the 14x9 Elite proving to be very sensitive to small bits at good depth. I think this coil is going to be a winner on small specimens and nuggets that other coils have missed.” – Trevor Clark

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