The 9" Elite Coil - Coiltek Quality Gold Prospecting Metal Detector Coils

9" Elite

The smallest size in the ELITE series, this coil has heightened sensitivity for the very small targets and provides an excellent option for re-visiting old patches as it will see the smaller targets left behind by the larger coils. Light in weight and easy to manoeuvre, this coil will be a great addition to any prospecting kit.

Compatible with all Minelab SD/GP and GPX detectors.

Size: 230mm
Weight: 715g / 25.2oz
Configuration: ELITE Monoloop (MONO) coil

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Check out one of our Coiltek testers using the 9" Elite.

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“I have found the Elite series great for sensitivity and ability to find even small gold at depth. The 9” Elite Mono is light and has the ability to get right into the undergrowth seeking out gold that is typically missed by larger coils. These characteristics are also very important especially when covering large areas seeking out new patches.” – GE

“I found the 9” Elite Mono combined with my GPX 5000 to be incredibly sensitive to detecting prickly reef gold and specimens. I used the 9” Elite Mono over patches previously detected and found many additional nuggets. After three days of trailing the 9” Elite Mono, I found a total of 30.93 grams of gold, with the smallest nugget weighing 0.09 grams. All nuggets were found between 2-10 inches deep. I am loving this coils performance already!” – TC

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