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10 x 5" Gold Extreme

The smallest size in the GOLD EXTREME series, this coil has high sensitivity to the small targets with good depth ability. This coils is a great choice for overgrown, tight terrains and is light weight and easy to manoeuvre.

Compatible with the Minelab SDC2300 detector, learn how to fit the Gold Extreme coil to the SDC2300 here.

Size: 242 x 138mm
Weight: 545g / 19.2oz
Configuration: Mono loop (MONO) coil
Water Resistant

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When choosing the 10x5" GOLD EXTREME coil, what could you expect performance wise from this coil?

Small coils are best at finding tiny nuggets that the stock coil may not see as well. Small coils are ideal in rough terrain and good at getting into tight spots, cracks, crevices and between rocks where the nuggets like to hide. Due to this coils elliptical shape it has an easier ability for pin pointing and easier manoeuvrability in rougher terrain. The small coil can have a brighter signal response on small targets due to a tighter magnetic field and this can be the difference between hearing a signal or not.

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“This (10 x 5") will be my new go-to coil for the SDC for these tight areas, super sensitive” - AUST

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