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11" Gold Extreme

This large round shaped GOLD EXTREME coil has excellent depth ability while still having good sensitivity for the smaller targets. Being larger than the standard, it covers more ground and provides great overall performance.

Compatible with the Minelab SDC2300 detector, learn how to fit the Gold Extreme coil to the SDC2300 here.

Size: 280mm
Weight: 780g / 27.5oz
Configuration: Mono loop (MONO) coil
Water Resistant

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When choosing the 11" GOLD EXTREME coil, what could you expect performance wise from this coil?

With the 11" coil you could expect greater depth on larger nuggets. The coil won’t be as sensitive to tiny nuggets as the 8" standard but you can use the 10x5 coil for chasing them. Due to the coils larger size you could use the 11" coil as a patch finder possibly assisting to locate new nugget bearing ground by covering a greater area more quickly. Areas you have been over with the original coil, can now be detected deeper into the ground.

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“The patch keeps going, 7 more bits with all three coils getting gold, 0.43gm at 6 inches – 11" coil has a great sharp response.” - AUST

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