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14x9" Gold Extreme

This large elliptical Gold Extreme coil provides the best ground coverage in the series and maintains excellent depth and sensitivity. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre it is a perfect choice for all day use.

Compatible with the Minelab SDC2300 detector, learn how to fit the Gold Extreme coil to the SDC2300 here.

Size: 348 x 225mm
Weight: 805g / 28.4oz
Configuration: Mono loop (MONO) coil
Water Resistant

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When choosing the 14x9" GOLD EXTREME coil, what could you expect performance wise from this coil?

This large elliptical coil has the best ground coverage providing 6" extra per sweep. You could expect the 14x9" coil to penetrate deeper than the standard coil, cover more ground than the 11" and 10x5" coils and run smoother in highly mineralised ground. The Elliptical shape allows for the toe of the coil to get up under brush a little easier than stock coil. Pinpointing of the targets can be faster with this coil. Performance on small targets would be less than the standard coil but it would pick up deeper targets than the standard coil.

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“The 14x9" ideal for areas like Victoria with heavy bush, the 11" is also a great option for open ground!” - AUST

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