The 15" Goldseeker Coil - Coiltek Quality Metal Detector Coils

15" Goldseeker

Fully submersible and specifically designed for the Eureka Gold detector this coil can increase depth performance without reducing sensitivity to smaller targets. Best suited to open terrain detecting and working with a slow swing will maximise its ability. Working with this coil in mild to low mineralisation on the 6.4kHz or 20kHz setting you will achieve the coils best potential.

Size: 370mm
Weight: 745g / 26.2oz
Configuration: Double-D (DD) coil

This product has been discontinued. Stock may still be available in store, check with your local supplier.

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“I was looking for better depth for my Eureka Gold detector and the 15 inch coil did just that in the lower frequencies on the unit. I found targets deeper than when using the standard coil in an area I had already searched.”

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