Goldhunting Anti-Interference Series

The Anti-Interference series is unique to Coiltek. These four coils are used in regions around the world where there is high interference from power lines, salt lakes and other environments that cause electro‑magnetic interference.

There are options in the series which are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre with good pinpointing ability. Another option is a large, unique drag style coil for the ultimate in coverage and performance for gold and treasure hunting. This combination of good sensitivity and depth coupled with good ground coverage and low noise from external influences opens up greater possibilities in many gold and treasure fields around the world.

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“Wow! I hunted directly under power lines with my 11" Anti-Interference coil and was able to recover targets that other Minelab GPX users had passed by due to the interference. In fact, most had passed up the immediate site completely due to the interference”. - Butch Holcombe