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Coiltek Manufacturing is Optimising Discovery, offering more chances for success when out in the field prospecting and metal detecting.

Our vision is to be the only aftermarket metal detector coil manufacturer to supply unique, high performing, premium quality metal detector coils in specialised markets for selected brands.

Established in 1996, from this beginning we are considered the market leader in aftermarket coil manufacture we manufacture metal detector coils and accessories which are proven performers. Different terrains call for different products and that’s where you need greater choice and you will find them with our diverse range of coils and accessories.

Constantly investing in intensive research and development means more opportunities for prospectors whether they’re hobbyists or professionals.

With a worldwide authorised dealer network spanning from USA to Africa, Australia, UK and Europe, your nearest Coiltek product is easily obtained from professionals, who offer excellent up to date knowledge to help improve your success rate. Our pride in our products is reflected in many of the detecting fields today with the majority of detector owners using a Coiltek product.

All of our products are made by our highly trained professional team who take great pride in each step of the manufacturing process. You can be guaranteed the highest standard with every Coiltek product.

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