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Do What You Love

If your hobby is your job you never work a day in your life.

Earlier this year I was faced with having to close my business down. I was reluctantly looking for a labouring job of some sort. I’ve been detecting on and off over the past fifteen years as a hobby with some success at times. I was talking with a gold mining friend one day about his new mining claim and he said “If your hobby is your job you never work a day in your life”. Which got me thinking maybe I could try gold detecting full time.

Well I started prospecting some ground back in April 2017 and started getting some results averaging around 5-6 grams a day using my trusty GP3000 with a Coiltek 14×9″ Goldstalker, my favourite coil for prospecting. After a few months I upgraded to a new GPX4500 and was having more success even though I was battling NZ winter conditions four to five inches of frozen ground, ice and snow.

A friend recommended I try the new Coiltek 14″ Elite Mono suggesting it would give more depth and sensitivity, so I ordered a new 14″ Elite Mono. While I was waiting for the new coil to arrive I continued detecting and started getting onto a good patch. My first day on the patch I took home 31.8 grams. That night when I got home I found the new 14″ Elite Mono had arrived, I was eager to get out the next day and try it out.

My thirteen year old son and I set off early the next day, we arrived at our spot and got stuck into it. I figured the best way to put the 14″ Elite Mono to the test would be to go over ground I’d already done. Straight away I got a signal, we dug up a 2 gram piece at about 6 inches, we moved up the hill following my foot steps from the previous day and dug up another five pieces.


I decided to head to new ground, within seconds we got a loud signal, we got a 12 gram piece. We both looked at each other with excitement, after a gold fever induced hi-five we continued to detect. My son dug and prepared the hole for pin pointing while I would quickly find and mark the next signal, and from then on it was piece after piece all day, from really small bits to the larger 12 gram bit. We kept going until it was too dark to see.

We arrived home pretty wary but keen to weigh up, I thought we might have had about 1.5 ounces. As it turned out we had got 72.5 grams. The 14″ Elite Mono has been awesome, it’s really sensitive and stable. I’ve just purchased a new 14×9″ Elite Mono, I’m looking forward to trying it out on some ground I’m prospecting.

I guess it’s true what my mate said, “If you hobby is your job you never work a day in your life”.