Finding My First Patch Of Gold!

Finding My First Patch Of Gold!

Friday afternoon I finished work and packed the camping gear eager to get to the gold fields with my favourite toy, the gpx4500 that was now equipped with a brand new 9″ Coiltek Elite coil and ready to sniff out the gold.

After a 4-hour drive, I was finally at my destination of choice, unfortunately it was already late night so after setting up camp it was time for bed.

6am the sun is rising, and everyone is still asleep but not me! I’m walking though some old diggings red bull in one hand, detector in the other, it wasn’t long before I had my first target.

Unfortunately, this target and many after turned out to be the usual trash.


The tiny bits of wire, tin, lead, and fishing hooks and lures kept coming and I returned to camp with no gold for the day but had plenty of new fishing lures for the tackle box.

Sunday morning seen me up at the break of day determined to find that shiny yellow stuff, off I went again to the diggings and once again the targets came in fast and plentiful, just when I was getting tired of digging up sinkers and hooks a very interesting military coat button pops out of the ground and now the excitement of finding something different has me searching with renewed determination when I get a soft whisper of a signal, not sure if it’s a target or just a bit of ground noise I go ahead and give the spot a little scape with my boot and check the target again, the signal is much better and I continue to dig it.

I’m now down roughly 6 inches and into a nice layer of gravel and the target is still in the hole and now screaming, could this be the 9″ Elite coils first nugget? ….I finally have the target out of the hole and in the scoop when suddenly I see it…. it’s gold!! A nice little 0.87-gram nugget.

Finding My First Patch Of Gold!

I put it in my little jar and with a huge smile I pick up the detector and start swinging again when less the two steps another nice soft sounding target. Once again, I dig down into the gravels and bingo it’s another nugget this time a 0.39gram bit. I can’t believe how quickly things had changed from trash to gold, and once again just 2 meters from the second target a third, this time there is a large hot rock sitting right where the signal is coming from so I move the rock away thinking my target would be gone but it wasn’t and sure enough another 0.42gm nugget was waiting for me under the rock. Could this be my first patch?

I’m now working this area very slowly and carefully and get yet another target, this one is so soft it barely breaks the threshold, knowing I have found 3 small bits so close I decided to give the spot a scrape and check it again, this time the signal is still very soft but a definite signal, as I dig down inch by inch it gets slightly louder each time I check until finally a very small 0.12 gram nugget from 4-5 inches deep wow am I impressed with this coil now. Turns out I had found my very first ever patch and recovered 7 bits of gold all within a 15m square. Unfortunately, it was time to head home and leave the patch for another day.