GOLDHAWK 10×5” screams success

After my prospecting buddy bought a new Minelab GPX6000 that came bundled with a Coiltek 9” GOLDHAWK coil, I was surprised that on her first day out she found numerous bits in noisy ground.

So without hesitation, I purchased a 10×5” GOLDHAWK coil to throw on my machine.

The results speak for themselves. The excitement that I experienced when the little coil absolutely screamed at the numerous targets I found in an area that I have cleaned out previously kept me swinging late into the night, with pieces of gold no less than 1mm coming out the ground thick and fast. 

Lead shot was abundant. A bullock shoe had me jumping with joy when it got louder as I got deeper, but unfortunately was not gold.

35 pieces of gold from a patch where I shouldn’t have found anything was a great result that I can only thank my new Coiltek coil for.

I can’t wait to get a bigger version of the same coil for my next trip.

Jason Todd      

Product Used : 10×5” GOLDHAWK

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