GOLDHAWK – Guy’s first impression

10 x 5″ GOLDHAWK

The 10 x 5″ is the ideal coil for concentrating in on a patch of gold in a rough and bushy terrain. The solid build allows it to push through topsoil with complete ease. I can also easily poke the coil into smaller areas in thick bush and rocky ground. It’s very sensitive on small gold, as well as having strong depth capacity on the smaller gold. With the coils light weight, it is a great addition to the Minelab GPX 6000.

10x5 goldhawk


The 9” coil is ideal for cleaning up patches in open areas and picking off pieces off the diggings. The coil is stable, lightweight and extremely well balanced. It has excellent depth, particularly on small gold and it just loves combing up and down digger hole heaps.

9" goldhawk

14 x 9″ GOLDHAWK

The 14 x 9″ is a great search coil for open to bushy areas looking for those new patches. The coil has excellent edge sensitivity to get in and under bushes and hit those hidden targets. It still retains high sensitivity on small gold while providing great capacity of larger gold at depth. 

14x9 goldhawk

Guy Edgar