Coiltek blog - Great hobby with dad

Great Hobby with Dad

Detecting within the West Australian Goldfields, the first morning started at 7:00 am, -4°C. My 14 year old daughter Shianah was super keen to get going. Shianah is using the GPX 5000 with the 14×9 Elite Mono with an external speaker so I can keep an eye and ear out for her. 7:10 am I hear the GPX 5000 blank out. Shianah yells out, “I have a signal but it’s too loud its trash.” I walk over to her, Shianah is looking down disappointed “its trash it sounds like metal” she said. “Oh well let’s just dig it out it could be good looking trash” I replied. Shianah smiles.


The first 10 mins on the first morning and Shianah is keen to dig her first signal. Shianah then uses pick weight only to scrape about 1 square foot of dirt. The target has now moved. The GPX 5000 blanks again over the new pile. Shianah eagerly scoops up a loaded scoop full, waves it over the coil and it blanks again. “Bugger” Shianah says, “yep its trash,” as she throws the bit of trash over to my feet. I pick it up and it looks like an old rust stained leaf, it snaps easily. I pass it back to Shianah and she waves the leaf over the coil, nothing. Shianah waves the scoop over the coil, again the GPX 5000 blanks. “Oh no, I’m still wearing my watch,” Shianah says. “Rooky error,” I said laughing. Shianah takes her watch off and places it in her backpack. Disappointment on her face is heartbreaking for me. “Let’s move on” Shianah said, as she passes the scoop over the 14×9” Elite Mono Coil one last time. The GPX 5000 blanks again. No watch, no rusty leaf and still blanking…. “Let’s just see what trash it is” I said.

Shianah tips half the scoop in her hand, looks through it and then SCREAMS, jumps up and down and tears start flowing, “its gold!!!” She screamed. Shianah caught me by surprise, scared the hell out of me (I really wasn’t expecting that response). Trying to catch her breath whilst still screaming Shianah passed me the nugget. “What the” I said. “Get outta here” I said. “It’s got to be close to an ounce” I said. “Is that good?” Shianah replied. “Good, some people detect their whole lives hoping to find gold like this and your only 14.” I passed it back and Shianah is now short of breath from the excitement. That’s when I got the camera out to start filming, which I do for every find but this one was surely trash….


The emotions were still high as you can see by the video so we re-enacted the whole find within seconds. This piece which Shianah calls “Froggy” came in at over 27 grams. Her biggest yet. With the excitement high, we moved on. This was now Shianah’s spot so I gave her some space. 9 minutes later “dad, over here” she yells. This was a very smooth yet distinct gold signal. Outcome the camera again and BAM Shianah digs another nugget. This time a 0.02 grammer. Shianah detects two nuggets in the first 20 minutes of the first morning, 50 metres from camp using the GPX 5000 and the 14×9 Elite Mono. Mine is the other small nugget in the photo.


Life doesn’t get any better watching your girls succeed and enjoy a hobby with their dad.