Happiness Found in the Echunga Goldfields

Happiness Found in the Echunga Goldfields

It was a Friday morning and I decided I was going detecting in the Echunga Goldfields at Chapel Hill. A controlled burn off had been done to get rid of the vegetation that was preventing access to the gold bearing areas, I knew this would be a great time to go detecting. I got my Minelab SDC 2300 ready and fitted the 14×9 Gold Extreme Coiltek coil, this is a magnificent coil which I have found some great pieces of gold with.

I got to the site around 6:00am and there were huge 30,000-volt power lines right next to the area I wanted to detect. I started detecting and my first target was small which turned out to be a lead shot pellet.


I started swinging and a few meters down I got a distinct signal. I started scraping the spot with my boots and realised the signal was still in the ground. The detector had revealed that there was pipe clay and I started to get excited.

I knew this would be great content for my YouTube channel. I set the camera up and proceeded to detect the spot using my 14×9 Gold Extreme coil. I scraped the ground with my pick and then swept a small pile on top of the Coiltek coil, which was when I realised the target was out.

I checked the pile of dirt beside me and the target was in there. I placed the detector along side the target and reached for my Gold Scoop. I started scooping the pile of the beautiful pipe clay. After the third attempt there it was! A beautiful shiny piece of Gold in the shape of wire.

Happiness Found in the Echunga Goldfields

I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my whole body, and I could not stop smiling. I couldn’t believe that I had found my first ever piece of wire gold at the Echunga Goldfields in South Australia. If It wasn’t for the controlled burn off this find would have never been possible.

The Coiltek 14×9 Gold Extreme is truly a wonderful product that can also work 150 meters away from 30,000-volt power lines with hardly any interference.

Thanks Trevor from Coiltek for being the only one in the world who has persisted in developing a coil for the Mighty Minelab SDC 2300 so that us SDC 2300 Detectorist now have options of changing to different sized coils to suit the ever-changing detecting areas … I salute you Trevor for your innovations on improving the coils to suit the Minelab detectors.