Happy days hunting

My prospecting adventure started off with my mate who went out to find gold in the bush. I thought I’d like to give this a try so with his help I got my first detector a GPX 4500 with a 14×9 Coiltek Camo coil. 

On my first day I went out and got 5 little pieces of gold – I was hooked! He told me it was beginners luck and from then on it was rubbish after rubbish, but I still continued on swinging. 

After a few trips out bush to Talbot Amherst Creswick, I swung the coil over a target and it was a piece of metal about 30cm in the hole. I dug but I have learnt to swing back over the hole just in case and this time there was still a target in the ground so I kept on digging. I got the target out of the hole and waved my scoop over the coil to find my target. I got it in the scoop and went to separate the dirt and I felt something heavy.

I thought to myself another bit of rubbish but I still couldn’t see anything, I gave it a rub with my finger and seen a bit of colour I thought no way this can’t be gold but it was a beautiful 55g nugget! I’m am so happy to be in the ounce club now happy digging.

– Matthew