Hard Won Golden Tips that I Wish I Knew Sooner Coiltek-Elite coil 14 Nuggets

Hard Won Golden Tips that I Wish I Knew Sooner

With the restrictions in place at present time, you are probably like me and hauled up with cabin fever waiting to get out on the ground in perfect detecting weather. I am currently stuck in SA until travelling to the West is an option again. All I can do at the moment is re-live those great finds and plan my next foray. It was this time of year that I hit three nice nuggets in a single day totalling over three ounces while trialling the 14” Coiltek Elite, and I’d love to repeat that day real soon.

We all know that time spent on the ground is the surest way to success when detecting for gold. Patience over the hard yards and a dash of luck gets the good stuff. However, There are a few tried and true tricks that I wish I’d known sooner to maximize the reward for the time spent swinging.

First, get to know your machine. Your machine is a technical piece of equipment and we are not necessarily able to drive them straight out of the box. Read the instructions, watch the tutorials, better yet, spend a day or so training with an instructor. I did this in my first few weeks out and the knowledge was invaluable. There are several good operators across the states that can set you on the right track. Having the correct settings and understanding how and why they work will optimise your returns on time and investment.

Next, get into that greenery! There are plenty of us detecting nowadays and open ground is rarely untouched. Under those shrubs and debris are undetected spaces well worth a try. Gold gathers in the low points and so does water which is why that bush might be growing just there. I have found more than a few nuggets tangled in the roots of a shrub growing in a natural low point. It is worth the scratches.

Optimise and adjust. Like car accessories or a television sound system, add-ons improve performance. An aftermarket coil, such as an Elite Coil, will enhance your detectors performance. Coiltek invented and developed the flat wound coil and has always been a market leader.


Dig everything. It seems obvious and you have probably heard it before but trust me it is the truth. I have seen plenty of videos where I can hear a potential target, but they have been dismissed too quickly. Not everything screams, no matter how precise your settings. When in doubt as to if you have heard something, swing again, push aside the topsoil, and swing again. You might get a clearer signal, or it will clear up any misleading sounds.

A day detecting is great, a day on the gold is better! Trial and error will improve your technique and a few simple tweaks to your approach could be the difference between pay-day and just a day-hike. Keep swinging and may the yellow stuff be waiting for you when we can all get out on the ground again.

Good luck!

Rick Fishers
Aussie Gold Hunter