Help from a friend got the results

After almost two years and nothing found, I realised I was high tone deaf and that my settings were too high. After a friend took me out to her patch, set me up and sent me out with the settings changed to suit, I found my first bit: 73g with a rose quartz crystal embedded into it. Oh, the joy! A few weeks later, I went back to the patch for practice. Low and behold, I got a huge deep sounding signal. Still not sure on sounds and almost walking off thinking it was trash, I dug down maybe 8 inches and pulled up a lump of copper but with a flash of yellow. I gave it some water and a good rub and bugger me, it was all yellow! Just under 8 grams of wonder on my second new settings attempt. Even funnier, it was less than 2 feet from where friends pulled a 10 gram two weeks before. 

I’ve used the 17×11 Camo Elite since I started. Gee, it’s a great coil. The pinpointing on it is fantastic and results in smaller holes. I’ve found a few more sub gram bits over three years now, but the fun is all worth it!