Coiltek Blog - Hunt for Meteorites - 17x11" ELITE mono

Hunt for Meteorites

Hi, My name is Dave Makkos, I live in Sandusky Ohio, USA. I have been metal detecting for around 20 years now. I do everything from gold nugget hunting, to relic hunting, to hunting for Spanish fleet treasure. It is an amazing hobby, and it takes you to some amazing places, and brings you in contact with some great people!

I have been very fortunate/lucky over the years metal detecting. I have been lucky enough to have found everything from large silver hoards, to hands full of gold nuggets, to silver reals. My true passion metal detecting has always been gold nugget hunting, and I only use Coiltek coils on my gold machines, and when the new mono elite coils came out I rushed to purchase one. I have the 17×11, and have found a few nuggets with it. Aside from being in my opinion the best coils on the market, the other reason I love Coiltek is their willingness to help you with the products. I have emailed with Trevor from Coiltek, and had correspondence with them several times on Facebook to compare the settings I was experimenting with on the new mono elite coils, and their recommended settings. Many thanks!


Anyhow I recently planned a trip to hunt meteorites for the first time, and was very excited to hopefully find one, and to try my mono elite coil out on meteorites. Well, after arriving at the search area the first day I realized I had left the settings Coiltek had recommended at my hotel. The soil in the area was very mineralized and had tons of “hot rocks” but I struggled through the day trying different settings, but had no luck finding any meteorites. Just wasn’t able to get things stabilized.

The second day I was able to use a combination of the settings I had been using and the settings recommended by Coiltek. Was amazed at how stable it was with the new settings! After a half day of hunting with no luck I decided to try a new area. The ground conditions ther were a little different, so with a little tweaking of the settings I was on the hunt. To my amazement I found a meteorite almost right away! Then another and another and another! I ended up finding 12 meteorites over the next day and a half!! I was truly amazed! I figured I’d be lucky to find 1 and ended up with 12! What a fabulous hunt! I could not have been happier with my finds, and with the new mono elite coil!


I feel I owe much of that luck to Coiltek and their willingness to help me with the settings of the new mono elite coil, and also to the new technology of the coils. Just an OUTSTANDING product, and OUTSTANDING customer service! So a big huge THANK YOU is going out to the Coiltek team! Keep up the Great work, and again Thank You for a great new product, and for all your help!!