Living Life On The Gold Hunt

Living Life On The Gold Hunt

I was an interstate truck driver until I underwent surgery for a hand condition which is why I recently brought a Coiltek 11″ Elite coil, SDC 2300 and a GPX 4500 to fill in my days.

I brought a four-wheel drive and a 15 foot caravan. I am now prepared for the gold hunt.

I have spent a couple of months swinging at Slaty Creek using my GPX 4500 with the Coiltek 11″ Elite coil. I found a few small pieces of gold but I wanted more. I then decided to chase the thrilling feeling of finding gold and move on to Talbot Amherst area. I have now been there for three months.

My mate told me to head to a certain spot as he had detected this spot the day before me. He found half a gram with his GPX 4500. When I heard about his find I was so eager to get out in the gold field.

The next day I went to the spot where my mate told me to go and about 15 feet away was where I found my nugget.

I detected a very soft signal, I dug 6 inches down and the target had increased in loudness. I wasn’t quite at the target yet so I dug another 10 inches where I found a rock that wasn’t my target. I thought to myself … what is going on here.

I walked around the back on the pile that I had dug out and waved my 11″ Elite Coiltek coil over it. My detector screamed at me, I kneeled down to simmer through the dirt where I found my beautiful shiny gold nugget.

This find made my day. When I got back to my caravan and weighed it and it came to 33.12g. I am still shocked that I found such a beautiful piece of gold.

I cannot wait for my next adventure on the gold hunt.