Medieval Brooch

This was the first time out with my new 10×5” NOX. The field I was searching was providing lots of Roman grots and Roman brooches so I wanted to try the smaller coil to see if I could locate some smaller targets.

I headed to a part of the field that was slightly trashy and I was confident the 10×5” NOX coil would be able to pinpoint small targets in between the trash.

The signal I received was low and set at 8. The item was clearly near the surface, so I was able to retrieve it easily. I totally thought I had a button but quickly realised there was a void in the middle, and it had a pin.

It was tiny and as I moved the mud away, I realised I had an annular brooch. The detail was amazing and the pin, still fully functional. The overall quality, design and condition was just unbelievable and barely under the surface after hundreds of years!!

I hoped it was an early Anglo-Saxon variant but the Finds Liaison Officer who has recorded the find on the ‘British Museum Finds’ website has classed it as 14th century medieval.

It is my best find of 2022. I doubt I will beat it this year.