Gold Detecting Blog Post - My Kind of Easter Egg

My Kind of Easter Egg!

Hi my name is Peter and I am 67 years old. I live in Melbourne and have been detecting for a few years now, as a hobby. I don’t get out as much as I would like to, but now being semi-retired and working less I hope to visit the gold fields a little more regularly with my wife. I like being out in the bush. The freedom and nature is at its finest and most importantly camping with my family and watching my grandsons grow up with this wonderful hobby around them. They love gold detecting.

Over Easter last year a group of us went to the Central Victorian Goldfields, up around Marybourgh/Avoca area. We were accompanied by my son and his family, my daughter in laws parents and their friends.

We had a very memorable time detecting and the kids enjoyed riding their little Pee Wee motorbikes. It was also very memorable as it marked the last time that my daughter in laws mother and father could come away with us as a group as her dad’s health has sadly deteriorated. We made lots of memories which is wonderful. Bush Easter Bunny came to the four young children with us.

It also marked my last time I found a piece of gold, and while it was a small piece it was very fitting for the occasion.

Gold Detecting Blog Post - My Kind of Easter Egg

It was Easter Sunday and after the children had woken up and found that the Easter Bunny had been hiding Easter eggs all around our camp, and a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs (not chocolate) I geared up and went walking. A few hours later I was very proud to return to camp with my very own Easter egg! I’ll take a gold egg anytime over a chocolate one! The little beauty weighed in at 1.51g. It was meant to be on that day. A small piece of Easter egg gold found with the Coiltek 14×9” Elite Mono.


Mind you, it was the first time that I had used this coil as I had just purchased it a week prior so I was very happy with its performance, and its manoeuvrability through scrub is outstanding. The sad part of this is, despite all my attempts, I have not found another piece since!

This year at Easter again with the same crowd (sadly minus the in laws) I had hoped that the same luck would come my way but unfortunately that was not the case, and it marked my “dry” 1 year anniversary!

I wrote this little story in the hope that I may be able to try another one of your fantastic coils (in particular the new 9” Elite Mono) and begin my tally again, to try over new areas where myself and my wife can work and she can run her new SDC over as well. You make wonderful products Coiltek and I have you to thank for all my pieces of gold. I’ve never used any other brand of coil on my GPX 4500 detector as what you have developed, and continue to develop are the Bees Knees.

Regards, Peter