Coiltek Blog - Never Give Up - 14” Elite Mono coil

Never Give Up

After suffering a lull in finding gold around virgin bushland in the Central Victorian Goldfields, I decided to head back to my car. I had wondered quite a distance away, so was following a bush track. Not being one to turn my detector off until I’m close to my vehicle, I decided to do the road verge, following the prospector’s ode of going low and slow. I was amazed at how many targets my 14” Elite Mono coil was picking up.

I’d recently popped into the Maryborough Coiltek shop and the helpful guys there had reset my detector settings on my GPX 5000 and I was now able to pick up .22 cartridges, shotgun pellets and bits of flat iron at decent depths of up to 500mm.


Suddenly, my almost hypnotic silence was disturbed by an astronomically loud target that I would liken to the sound of a substantial piece of iron. I debated bothering to dig it, as I’d encountered so much rubbish, but opted to scrape the top inch or so off the surface.

The noise intensified and I realised I was now in gravel. I continued to dig to a depth of about 200mm, checked my hole, and found my target was now in my spoil. I started to run my spoil over my 14” Elite Mono coil, and could not believe the weight in my hand. I’d stumbled across a beautiful one ounce nugget!

That couldn’t be all there was in that patch, so I headed back the next day. Within a metre or so of the first nugget, my trusty Coiltek found me another 1.5 ounce nugget.


My wife and father in law, who both use Coiltek coils have been back to our new patch and we have managed to pull out almost 3.5 ounces of beautiful nuggets. My wife also found an 1872 sixpence and I found an old pocket knife.

The area was used as a shooting ground, and also a local fishing spot, so we gained much experience clearing all that lead and metal. We also got the satisfaction of clearing up Australia one bullet at a time as well as enjoying our native flora and fauna. Not to mention the exercise and thrill of finding natural elements that we are the first people to touch.

Moral of the story, never give up. There’s still gold to be found. It gives you an extra advantage to use Coiltek products. Thank you Coiltek.