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One Last Swing

My partner and I were researching locations we would like to detect. I liked the look of a spot that had old timer workings on a Salt Lake in the Murchison gold fields of Western Australia. We like to spend as much time as possible during the winter months hunting these illusive nuggies. After some discussion we decided to detect at the Salt Lake area. We arrived one nice fresh winters morning and we got exploring the lake side and edges of the salt pan.

My partner had her SDC with 14×9” Coiltek coil and I was running my 4500 with 12” Evolution coil. By lunch we had not found anything and decided to move on down to the lake where we came upon the old timer workings and lots of exposed lake bottom crevices. I changed out my Evo coil for my recently purchased 11 in Anti Interference Coiltek coil and we started heading to a promising looking area. Within no time the coil was christened with a lovely shiny 0.5g crystalline Salt Lake nugget. They started appearing everywhere. We ended up staying for 2 weeks working this Salt Lake. It was around 500m and we had found hundreds of nuggets ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 of a gram.

We had a great time, however, it was finally time to wave goodbye. With over 100 grams from the trip, we were very happy with our efforts and the performance of our new coils. That evening I sat on the hill above the lake and watched the sun set while studying the flow of our patch, which we had covered an impressive sized area. I had worked out where the bigger nuggies might be hiding, so I went down to the fire and pointed it out to my partner. I said we must have one quick swing in the morning before we hit the road.

We packed up camp early and I pulled up on the area I was eyeing up the night before. I was excited to get one more quick try. I remarked the spot to my partner and within ten minutes she had a deeper sounding target which sounded a bit like a mineralised pocket. She called me over to listen. We scraped back a couple of inches and it changed to a clear nice sounding target. After digging down 10 inches out popped a lovely 4g piece. 30 minutes later I got a similar signal. I was super excited. I called my partner over and we started digging. 12 inches down out pops a lovely 7g nugget.

I was over the moon with our efforts we decided to finish on a high and hit the road. We will be Back again for another try. Since our trip, I have been wondering if Coiltek would consider the idea of making an Anti-interference coil for the SDC 2300.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.