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Peter’s Gold

My Husband has enjoyed the idea of gold detecting for most of his life which probably comes hand in hand with his love for the outdoors, fishing and camping lifestyle. Now in his ’60s he made the decision to bite the bullet and buy a GPX 4500 after a few camping trips with our son and witnessing the excitement of unearthing pieces of gold from the ground. Fascinating really – can’t be that hard our son makes it look pretty foolproof and easy!

Purchasing the standard GPX 4500 pack and a few camping trips in with no gold to take home, only lead shot after lead shot – doing a fantastic job of cleaning up the country mind you, but sadly no bragging rights to any gold at this point despite our son never leaving empty handed.

We were out around Marybourgh on this occasion (another camping trip) and drove into an area that was quite steep and not our usual place of choice. I was standing by when Hubby Peter had a target noise – he dug and dug, it was out. He was pin pointing the pile and the noise was still there but it was proving a little like it didn’t want to be found. Our son came over as he always does to lend a hand, helped pin point and stood by and watched his dad work his ‘magic’.

Finally he got it down to a small handful of dirt and looked through picking up a small yellow rock covered in dirt. Said a few words and threw the dirt back in the hole, filled it in and kept going, gobsmacked our son said, “What are you doing? That was gold!” He turned to our son and said “no it was just ground noise.”

Our son took his own GPX4500 with his 14 Elite coil on and went back over the pile and found that little rock that he had thrown back. “That’s gold dad – you have found your first piece… well I found your first piece… that you threw back!”

Peter believes he has been throwing back little pieces of gold for the past couple months all because they look different to the end result that he is used to seeing (when they have been washed) He was not expecting to see little dull yellow rocks covered in clay, he was expecting them to come out clean. Our son went back over the hole before filling and unearthed another small piece from the same hole, the pieces weighed .27 and .22.

Needless to say Peter is now under strict instructions to bring everything he finds back to camp.