14×9″ Elite


This elliptical Elite coil is a perfect choice for all day use. Easily manoeuvred in tight situations with increased pin pointing ability.

A highly sensitive, super quiet, extremely reliable coil. Certainly a prospectors favourite choice for an elliptical option.

Coil size

348x225mm / 14x9"

Coil weight

835g / 29.4oz

Monoloop configuration

ELITE Monoloop (MONO) coil

Warranty icon

2 Years

Skid Plate icon
Skid Plate


2 in stock

What our customers say

“After a quick dig, out popped a nice little piece of 0.3grams, a great start for the new coil. Over the next hour, another three small bits were found, with the 14×9 Elite proving to be very sensitive to small bits at good depth. I think this coil is going to be a winner on small specimens and nuggets that other coils have missed.” – Trevor Clark

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Looking for a coil to suit your
Minelab detector?

Looking for a coil to suit your
Minelab detector?