Sean Haymes-Maree: NOX Testimony

The Coiltek 10×5″ coil for the Minelab Equinox is the perfect tool for getting into those tight areas and still wanting a bit of ground coverage.

Using the right size coil for the environment you are detecting can make all the difference on going home empty handed or recovering that find of a lifetime. Like this clipped 1689 Spanish One Real recovered using the Coiltek 10×5″ coil.

My belief is that every coil has its place.

Large coils like the Coiltek 15″ round coil is Perfect for the beach or open fields where you want that add depth as well as ground coverage.

Medium size coils are great for prospecting new areas. The 14×9″ coil with its elliptical shape can get under brush that the 11 inch stock coil would have a hard time getting into. Another plus is the added depth you get when using a slightly larger coil.

I like to use the Coiltek 10×5″ in those areas that have heavy iron and trash. Like parks or colonial sites where having that increased target separation without sacrificing a whole lot of depth can be a game-changer.

The more coils you have the more options to find treasure!

-Sean Haymes-Maree