Coiltek Blog - Some Interesting Finds

Some Interesting Finds

A new product on the market always seems to be misinterpreted by those who choose not to persevere and are quick to judge. I stuck with the new Gold Extreme coil and I was rewarded with 2 gold nuggets on ground that had been swept ‘clean’ by the same and more powerful machines.

The 11” Gold Extreme coil also picked up some fantastic relics of the age-old Chinese gold rush days. This allowed me to pinpoint an area which was likely to be a Chinese camp, based on the hardware and coins that I found.


The most interesting find of the trip was my mate’s Gray Ghost headphones he had dropped on the way back to the car. I may have watched him look for them for a little while until it got dark and somewhat cruel.

The next step will be giving the 10×5″ coil a go. I’ve heard great things about it and believe it’s the perfect coil to get in between the rocks, crevices and tufts of grass and look forward to persevering with it also. If you’re not finding targets with a Coiltek then there aren’t any!