Coiltek Blog - Successful under power lines! - Butch Holcombe testing the 11” Anti-interference coil under powerlines - Coiltek 11” Anti-interference Coil

Successful under power lines!

Butch Holcombe from the American Digger magazine has published a product test on the Coiltek 11” Anti-interference Coil.

I had already tested its performance around urban electrical interference, and other detectors, and was very impressed. Yet, I wanted to give it the upmost challenge: using it underneath active high voltage lines.

I can best sum up last this test with one word: Wow! I hunted directly under such lines (see photo) and was able to recover targets that other Minelab GPX users had passed by due to the interference. In fact, most had passed up the immediate site completely due to the interference. In the sake of fairness, I also tried the stock DD Minelab coil only moments before, and it was impossible to tune without resorting to the “Cancel” mode (and thus losing considerable depth).


And speaking of depth: I discovered that where interference is not a problem, by running the detector in “Mono” with this search coil I achieved greater depth than the stock DD. That is just icing on the cake, considering the anti-interference properties of using it in “DD.”

I invite potential users to read our full product review, which will be available in an upcoming issue of American Digger magazine, to discover even more about this amazing search coil. But until then, if you get the chance to use one, try it. I have a feeling you’ll be equally impressed!


Butch Holcombe
Publisher of American Digger magazine
Host of American Digger’s Relic Roundup