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Thank You Coiltek

Growing up in the golden triangle I have always had a keen interest in gold prospecting. Following on in my grandfather’s footsteps, who had sunk many shafts in the bush, I inherited his old Whites coin master as a kid and indulged in quite a bit of panning. After committing many hours to researching the goldfields in our area and lending my dad’s GPX 4500 I decided to save up to buy a GPX 5000. After finding my first piece of gold (0.20 grams) – I was well and truly suffering from the dreaded gold fever!

I spent hours researching and detecting – after work, on my lunch break and on weekends. Any spare minute I had I’d be ducking out into the bush, on the side of the road and I would take my detector with me everywhere in the hope I get the chance for a quick swing. I was averaging 20 bullets/nails to one subgrammer piece of gold – I yearned to find that sweet virgin ground harbouring a big juicy nugget. The smaller the piece I found the more determined and obsessed I was that a 10 grammer was just around the corner.

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After purchasing the Coiltek 14″ Elite coil for my GPX 5000, I went to a well gone over area to try my luck. After 5 hours and nothing but bullets and nails I headed towards the car swinging randomly, mindful that the missus had told me to be back in time for dinner. As I was adjusting my headphones I picked up a faint signal. With the sun setting I scraped back the surface desperate that it wasn’t just ground noise. The signal grew louder with each stroke of the pick, until the headphones were screaming. At roughly 14 inches I unearthed this beauty just as the last bit of light disappeared over the horizon. I was beyond excited but unsure of the weight. I knew this was by far the biggest piece yet and took a guess at about 10 grams. I walked in the front door for dinner to the wife’s disapproving stare.

Late again, dinner was cold. I rang my dad and placed that bad boy on the scales while I was on the phone. Cries of jubilation and a lot of expletives were uttered – at 20.95 grams I couldn’t believe it! Needless to say I was quickly forgiven by the wife! Since I have purchased this coil my nugget tally has grown significantly. Thanks Coiltek – looking forward to the next one!