NOX amped blog gold find on scale

The NOX just got AMPED!

I’ve had brilliant results with my Equinox 800 running the standard 11” coil in the goldfields around Queensland for a few years now.

When I heard about the new 10×5” option coil by Coiltek Manufacturing, I decided to give it a try. To be honest at first, I was a little hesitant because I am not a fan of small coils. However, given that this is a 10×5” coil I wasn’t losing much in coverage, but what I was gaining in was sensitivity due to it being 3 inches narrower each side.

Searching around I couldn’t find any reviews on the performance of this coil on the goldfields as there is still a lot of people in denial about Equinox been successful on the goldfields, but with the right advanced settings, this is a brilliant detector as I’ve proven for a few years now.

Despite the crazy weather on the first day out I still had a quick scratch around, and straight away I noticed now stable and smooth the machine was running even on the wet ground which would usually be a complete nightmare.

The sensitivity is ridiculous, especially when matched with very impressive depth. I’d go as far as saying it punches slightly deeper than the standard 11” coil.

I ended the day with 2 pieces (1.2g / .8g) and the mandatory trash on the ground I’ve previously hit many times before.


The following week I couldn’t wait to get back out for a few hours and slowly canvas all this old ground again seen how impressive the coil had transformed the performance on the Equinox. All my advanced settings remain the same except the Sensitivity. I usually run the standard 11” coil at round 18-22 but with the amped-up 10×5 coil I found I had to pull it back to around 10-15 while still getting outstanding performance with minimum ground noise.

I ended the day with a nice 1.36g piece and plenty of trash which I was happy with as I didn’t pick this up before.


I know this Coil is working wonders and I’m very confident I’ll be finding plenty more gold over the next few weeks.

Thank you Coiltek for making what was already a great machine even better.