The right coil, in the right conditions

Winter 2022 I received a call from a friend in Georgia who invited me to come up and metal detect his property. The area has been known for its Civil War history.

Upon arriving at the site I prospected the area with the Minelab Equinox 800 equipped with the 11 inch stock coil. After 20 minutes of searching I received a slight high tone with no VDI numbers indicating that this was a deep target.
Digging down to a depth around 16 inches I pulled out a beautiful 58 caliber Civil War three ringer bullet. Needless to say now I was excited.

Working the area for another 30 minutes with no targets I decided put on the Coiltek 15″ round coil. Going back over the same ground I had just detected I received a clear banging signal with a VDI number 18 on the NOX.
At a depth of around 20 inches I pulled out another Minie Ball.

After that target I managed to recover 28 more Civil War Bullets. Using the right Coil in the right conditions made the difference.

Thank you Coiltek!

-Sean Haymes-Maree