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Warwick shows me a little colour

Slowly going back to all my old successful spots with this Coil and picking up what I could not before.

On this trip I had a mate join me with his Equinox, some quick training, and tips then Boom. His found his very first piece of gold. 15 minutes later I see him dancing around and he has pulled another piece. I love it! That is what it is all about, helping and sharing the gold fever. Now he is hooked lol.

My first piece was a screamer! To the point, I stopped to get a photo of the gold showing. I was convinced this was a solid 5g plus. I anxiously picked it out, and it was bloody tiny. What was showing was about as good as it got, I was gutted. (.59g)

The second piece was at a different location, which turned out to be a great little find, tucked tight under some falling trees. This is where this tight 10×5″ Coil really comes in handy. (.66g)

The third and fourth pieces were a bloody nightmare, to say the least. I got a slight signal under this burnt-out tree which was covered with ash. Well… this turned into a 45min battle with me finding and losing it at least 4 times. But it gets better, the fun continued with the next piece next door. 1 hour later I was left with the 2 smallest pieces of gold to date (.24g / .15g)

Overall, it was a great day out and yet again very impressed with how this Coil is performing, even on the smallest pieces.