Ensure you are purchasing your coil from an authorised Coiltek dealer

We urge all potential and existing customers of COILTEK products to ensure they are purchasing from an Authorised Dealer and through the shop front itself where possible. We must strongly caution consumers NOT to purchase merchandise represented to be COILTEK products from places other than an Authorised Dealer.

Make sure you ask if the Dealer is an AUTHORISED representative of COILTEK products and if not sure, contact us or look on our website to contact a dealer nearest you to find out more.

REMEMBER: COILTEK MANUFACTURING will not and cannot guarantee any counterfeit products and will not take any responsibility in the way they perform or last. We know how to tell the difference between the originals and the counterfeit products.

Ask to view their INTERNATIONAL COILTEK DEALER CERTIFICATE. Each Authorised dealer will have methods to help identify the genuine product from the counterfeit.

Coiltek anti counterfeit