Just keep swinging!

Wow, just wow. I have been a passionate user of Coiltek coils for years. They never let me down, and I’m guaranteed they will pay me back for what I paid for my detector coil combo in no time.

I have just done a four-week stint after being out of the game for a few years due to my husband getting sick. This year, I decided to take him bush for some real medicine, fresh air and peaceful surroundings. I probably got three to four hours a day, four times a week, over the past month. Straight up, the 9” GOLDHAWK went into killer mode. Holy mother of God, did it!

I was digging sub gram nuggets out of old detector holes, over a foot deep on targets. “C’mon baby, show Mumma the colour” was muttered a lot to my killer coil, and it produced the goods. Sometimes they were so small I was scared the wind would take them, and then five-grammers screamed the place down – they were over a foot down. 

I don’t have to bluff about coils – I don’t reap any rewards for speaking about using Coiltek products, which I have for years. But I am passionate that if I can help people find the gold/treasures, and if they take the time to get out and swing, then they need to be armed with the best product to get rewards.

I have had a rough few years keeping my husband safe from the demons of depression, and I still fight for him every day. But my sanity keeps intact doing what I love best, and the killer coils you make have made this past four weeks the best I’ve had for years – 81 grams in total.

Keep swinging everyone, best of luck from Gold Diga.