NOX brings Michael’s mojo back

NOX brings Michael’s mojo back

I’ve been a nugget hunter for nearly two decades. Most days I find gold. But after a recent dry spell, I decided to try something new. I took my Minelab Equinox 800 out for some nugget hunting (with Coiltek’s NOX 10×5” coil). I will do this from time to time, but when you have a GPZ 7000, the 800 is relegated to relic and coin hunting usually.

In order to utilize the best capabilities of the Equinox, I thought I’d try to go over some old patches that had heaps of trash that could be hiding some nuggets. I put on the 6” Minelab coil and came up empty yet again. While the Minelab coil is a fine addition to the 800, that small coil size in a huge gold patch had me feeling like I was shoveling a mountain with chopsticks. It will find gold just fine, but it’s not all about the equipment you’re holding. Experience has taught me that the equipment sitting on your shoulders is the most important tool you have, and if your head is coming up empty in the confidence department, you better switch things up.

What you stare at on the end of your detector plays a huge role in your success as a detectorist. I always loved the size of 10×5” coils and just the thought of it was filling my head with confidence. When the FedEx driver pulled up with it after ordering online, I charged up all my gear and set the alarm for sunrise the next morning. Beaming with confidence like Mohammed Ali, I floated out to my nearest old patch.

I had found an 18 grammer here on the first day, and went on to find nearly an ounce from this patch that had a few old-timer rocker box tailings piles that tipped me off to the patch originally. The trash from those tailings always kept me from detecting them thoroughly enough. But, armed with the Equinox and new Coiltek coil, I was bursting with excitement like I hadn’t felt in the field for awhile.

Two targets, ten minutes, one solid signal and four inches of dirt revealed a 12.2 gram nugget oozing with character and beauty! My mojo was back. It’s only been two weeks, but that coil hasn’t come off and I’ve picked up another eight nuggets thanks to the new coil and rediscovered confidence.

Michael Greyshock