18″ NOX


Introducing the COILTEK 18-inch NOX coil, a cutting-edge addition to the Equinox detector series. Designed for treasure hunters and open ground exploration, this large, deep-seeking coil is poised to revolutionise your metal detecting experience. With its expansive 18-inch diameter, it offers unparalleled ground coverage and depth to increase your chances of finding any hidden treasures making it an essential tool for serious detectorists. Unearth valuable relics and artifacts with precision using the COILTEK 18-inch NOX coil, your ultimate partner in treasure hunting adventures.
Coil size

450mm / 18"

Coil weight

980g / 35oz (approx)

Double-D (DD) coil configuration

Double-D (DD) coil

Waterproof icon

Fully submersible for
Equinox 600 & 800 3m / 10-feet
Equinox 700, 900 & Xterra Pro 5m / 16.4-feet

Warranty icon

2 Years

Skid Plate icon
Skid Plate


What our customers say

This is the coil I’ve longed for the Equinox. The extra size allows me to search deeper for high conducting targets in pasture land. It also has the ability of hitting deep hoards out of range of smaller coils.

This is a welcome inclusion to my detecting armoury. It’s definitely a specialist product. 

Where this coil will be a game changer is on clean soils, searching for larger high conducting deep targets. It will also be great when ‘prospecting’ new fields, taking advantage of its increased ground coverage per swing.

In use I’ve found this coil incredibly resistant to EMI. For use over longer periods a harness is a good option to assist with the weight.

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Suits Minelab GPX 6000

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Looking for a coil to suit your
Minelab detector?

Looking for a coil to suit your
Minelab detector?