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Tara finds first-ever nugget thanks to GOLDHAWK

I’ve never had much experience on a detector before. After getting a GPX6000 as a wedding anniversary gift, I was told to buy a 10×5” GOLDHAWK as the signal response was much greater. When I first put it on, it was so light for its size and looked heavy duty. I liked how I could swing it for a long time.

I started in low sensitivity and wow, I could hear clearer than the stock coil. In one area, I had picked up 18 bits of gold using the GOLDHAWK and then another five bits the next day. 

On the third day, I had learned most of its limit for my area, so I started searching a sidewall and heard a soft, but clean and repeatable sound. What I found packed in clay was a beautiful 21g nugget. I was just gobsmacked and shaking as tears poured from my eyes in excitement that the 10×5” GOLDHAWK could be so darn good and found my very first-ever huge nugget – not to mention the smaller pieces I found previously.

I would never trade my GOLDHAWK for anything, and I can’t wait to see what the 9” GOLDHAWK will find. I can hardly contain my excitement still. Thank you Coiltek for giving me something I have come to love so very much”.

Tara Quirk