Unearthing 43 grams of gold with 9” GOLDHAWK!

Armed with the GPX 6000 and 9” GOLDHAWK coil, I set off to an old gold patch on a hillside I had worked years earlier with the GPX 4500.

I was a bit naive in thinking I had done a fairly good job cleaning out the area before, and I wasn’t expecting what was about to happen. I set up camp and began detecting at the base of the hill where I’d previously found good gold. 

Within minutes I had a target: a nice half grammer at a depth of about 200mm. After that they just kept coming, picker after picker. 

My heart skipped a beat with anticipation as I kept digging target after target, to reveal more gold with hardly any junk targets.

The area kept me busy for the next three days, and I ended up with 43 grams of gold to take home.

It just goes to show the GPX 6000 coupled with the 9” GOLDHAWK coil is an elite machine with the ability to find gold in areas thought to be done.

Issac Smith